Honor your Martyrs


  While researching my own family tree, I realized that no one knew exactly who and how many were deported from the Szatmar Ghetto. As a result, I decided to compile a roster of our martyrs' names. In order to have as complete a list as possible, however, I need your help.
  For instance, if you know of any victims who were deported from a ghetto other than that of Szatmar, victims who were taken from forced labor or POW camps, please inform me by indicating to me their names and location of their final destination (i.e. deportation camp). Misspellings are also quite common since the documents I had looked at, came from the victims’ relatives’ memory and, are obviously not exact after all these years. If you are sure of their correct names and spelling, please let me know as soon as possible.
  The Klarsfeld list of forced laborers usually does not indicate if the victim had died in the camps or survived. Once they were deported, taken to the front, and/or had fallen prisoner, the fate of the forced laborers remained generally undocumented. Since I was also unaware of their fate, I placed their names under the martyrs’ column. I relied mainly on sources derived from the Klarsfeld list, Yad Vashem memorial, and N. Stern's 1984 book: Remember Szatmar.
  The reason for having two different dates in the birthday column is due to the fact that there are two different memorial pages listed of the same person in the Yad Vashem memorial book.
  Similarly, the different spellings of the same last names, such as Grosz, Gross, Gros, depend on the changes that occurred after the war. These also constituted difficulties in compiling correct and accurate records of names.
  If you have in your possession family correspondences from before the war, documents, pictures, please send my copies of such. I will return them to you once I record them. If possible, all correspondence to me should be in Hebrew, Hungarian, Romanian, or English. Should you feel that the continuation of this research or the maintenance, upkeep, and enhancement of the website is important to you, please consider it through whatever financial means available to you. I thank you in advance.
  I am also requesting that you forward this web page to all interested family members, friends, and acquaintances.
  Dear friends, you will be the main readers of these materials and with your contributions, you elect to be their partners. In case you find any errors or omissions, I invite you to tell me.
  Much thanks to Andrew Grünfeld and Csaba Csirák, without whose help, this enormous work, could not have been realized. Special thanks to Anny Dietz (Elefant) and Michail (Misi) Kalman for the English translation.

George Elefant

Tel Aviv,
June 2007

All correspondence should be addressed to: egyur@yahoo.com